What I learned from Rayson Choo on how to build a world class network in the digital age? ⬇️

Roohi Kazi
1 min readOct 18, 2021

Insights from here: https://youtu.be/4UGfAXepvak

A bit about Rayson: Rayson is dubbed as “The Celebrity Whisperer”, and is the Podcast Host of The Raygacy Show

-> Rayson Started podcast for own learning

-> Successful people = because of decisions

  1. Networking

Networking = Fundamental of Business

Networking = Building Relationships to access network, brand, and money

Network = Net worth

You need references

Certain tools, for example, Rocketreach to email people

  1. Building Connection with High Profile Individuals

Authentic in Message

No bootlicking

Outreach Template #1


I’ve been watching you, and I really loved your content.

  • Best if you are personable
  • Do research, find out what they love, what they have been sharing offline
  • Find out their friends and make friends with their friends
  • You trust what people say
  • Don’t reach out with ulterior motives

-Finding ways to add value, and right person

Outreach Template #2:

I have a podcast and I have been interviewing(name drop here)

I love what you are sharing

I would love for you to appear on my podcast as well.

Key Takeaways:

-> Be clear with you want to connect with

-> Do your homework

-> Hang out at their socials

-> Make friends with the people around them

-> Show up on your own social media

Learn how he connected with Gary Vee, and Grant Cardone