State of VC: Lack of Funding to Black Founder

Roohi Kazi
1 min readJan 30, 2023

Some food for thought on the state of VC

And funding for Black, LatAm and underrepresented founders

For anyone looking to break into VC this is a sad and unfortunate growing sentiment in the VC industry

For any underrepresented , Black, Lat Am founders looking to raise in my network- happy to review your pitch deck, send it to the relevant people, make intros on your behalf to VC’s, etc

Just read a very thought provoking and insightful piece on the lack of funding that goes to Black Founders in Braun and Brains Newsletter

This same sentiment seems to ring true for many minority and under-represented founders

However, there is change and progress being made such as diversity funds to support LGTBQ +, colored people. And dedicated funds being created just to invest into Black and Latin American founders

This change needs to be ramped up though- and it starts with the issue at hand the VC’s, and the society