Starting my Business
Podcast in my 19/20's

Roohi Kazi
2 min readApr 19, 2023

I started my podcast because I wanted to bridge the gap between my generation and access to experts and thought leaders.

Most business podcasts were by men or by already famous people.

As a woman/female, I wanted to disrupt the business category dominated by male voices.

I created a Facebook group, which is now defunct, to help bridge that gap.

Inspired by Piyush Kukreja, host of “The Piyush Kukreja Show,”

I turned my idea into reality by DM’ing my first guests with audio notes.

Being too shy to talk to strangers, not having enough confidence, and having no connections to the overall business and podcasting community were some of the challenges I faced.

50+ episodes in, I have gained more confidence.

They were people I had never met before — complete strangers. I got my first yeses and used Zoom and earphones to record my episodes

My biggest cheerleaders in my early days ended up being strangers on the internet, Piyush, my family, and others.

In the last year alone, my podcast has far exceeded my expectations.

1. It started ranking in the charts of several countries,
2. I partnered/collaborated with Techstars New York, Pygma to get their founders featured on my podcast
3. hit 50+ episodes,
4. and was even featured in KP’s newsletter as his top 3 podcast guest appearances.

However, it was not an overnight success story.

I only started getting ROI from my podcast starting from the second year.

Sometimes it is just about taking a path toward something you’re passionate about, even when you face challenges.

Have you ever had to overcome challenges to pursue your passion? Share your story with me in the comments below!

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