Reflecting back on Podcasting and Graduating from College

Roohi Kazi
2 min readApr 2, 2023

Here’s my reflection on Podcasting and Graduating from College

-> It include what all has happened since graduating from college(milestones and such)

-> How to grow a podcast and celebrating 50 episodes of the podcast?

-> What I am doing after college?

-> What’s next for the podcast?

a) Milestones: Since graduating from college in December of 2022

- I have interviewed 2 Unicorn Founders on my podcast, and several other people

- I have secured a dream partnership with YEC(an Australian Organization) that is handling the guest sourcing. Editing, and istribution of my podcast

- I am actively looking for jobs, internships in the Venture Capital Space

  • My newsletter on the VC space: Dive into VC

-> Has taken off since launch- have grown it to about 50+ subscribers

  • Received responses to my cold emails from Mark Suster, Vineeta Singh, and more

b) How to grow a podcast and Celebrating 50 episodes of the podcast?

-> focus on distribution + leverage(repurpose your content)

-> Ask guests to share(does not move the needle much

-> Word of Mouth

-> Post in group chats

A few weeks ago celebrated reaching 50 published episodes of my podcast till date

We are just getting started

From May of 2020 when I was just starting out to getting some amazing guests on like Julian Weisser( Co Founder of On Deck, Angel Investor), Andrew Warner(Podcast Host of Mixergy), and so many more

Prior to celebrating 50 episodes: I launched a Business Podcast by Roohi Network of Podcasts and Segments. Under this umbrella network will be having segments called podcast pitch competition, interviewing VC’s and founders from the emerging regions of SEA, LatAm, ANZ and Asia.

Partnered/ Collaborating with Techstars NY, and Pygma to get their founders featured on my podcast

All these segments will be starting in April onwards- or have already recorded a couple of episodes for them

As I hope to grow my connection and networks in these regions to help with scouting for companies

Scaling it to 10 k listens/plays- currently at 3000+

c) What I have planned with the podcast?

A fireside chat with some guests of the podcast- I am organizing a virtual one

More details to come on that

d) Now that college is done- What’s Next for me?

I am choosing not to rush into a job- given the climate we are in(with many companies and banks laying people off)

Instead I am choosing to focus on upskilling myself- am learning about Financial Modeling, refreshing my knowledge in accounting — and getting myself job ready for the industry I want to work in

  • > On the side I am applying for Internships in VC Firms- sending cold emails to firms

Scouting for various VC Funds

And working on my side hustles like podcasting, writing 2 newsletters a VC focused one, and one for my personal business podcast

Taking the next few months(at least 6 or so) to get myself ready for the workplace and just exploring my curiosities