Reflecting back on 50 episodes

Roohi Kazi
2 min readMar 6, 2023

Hi Everyone,

My name is Roohi Kazi and I am the Podcast Host of Business Podcast by Roohi

A sample of the selection of guests below that have come on the podcast: we have got people from all around the world. Straight from Silicon Valley to Australia

I started this podcast around 2–3 years ago at the height of the COVID pandemic

Since then it has gone on to chart in several countries, become a Top 30% most shared podcast globally on Spotify.

Today, however, we celebrate 50 episodes of the podcasts being published for listeners, and a broader audience

Past guests on the podcast have included impressive people like:

  1. KP: The Build in Public Guy

2. David Shein: Unicorn Founder, VC at OIF Ventures

3. Chris Yeh; Author of Blitzscaling, VC at Blitzscaling Ventures

Just reflecting on my time hosting the podcast:

Here are some of my key takeaways, insights I want to bring with me to the next 50 episodes

  1. Not focusing on distribution nearly enough-has stunted the growth of the podcast

This year I want to double down on distributing, and promoting the podcast

As this is one area I struggle with at the moment

It’s still growing but slowly

Waiting for that inflection point to hit for the episodes to grow more

2. Introducing new segments of the podcast Ft.

1)VC’s, founders from SEA, ANZ, LatAm regions

2) Podcast Pitch Competition: 1st Episode set to air in March

3) As we go on to the next 50 episodes it is important to note that the podcast has seen me in my darkest and happiest of times

And has really been more of a therapy and connector to cool people than a distribution job

3. Primarily it has grown through Group Chats, Spotify/Anchor itself, and the Guest sharing episodes

4. Made some investments into myself the first being buying a ring light- this has helped with the lighting issues

It’s been one heck of a journey though interviewing 40+ amazing people thus far on the podcast remotely

Hope to see some readers of this post- follow along the journey of the podcast on Spotify, Anchor, Apple Podcasts

Will include some link for you to check out the podcast below

Hope you learned something new from reading this reflection post!