Question Starters for an Engaging Conversation

Roohi Kazi
2 min readJun 24, 2022

Posting this on here for anyone looking to upskill your conversation and interviewing skills

I’ve interviewed 40+ CEO’s, creators from around the world- John Lee Dumas, Bijay Gautam, KP-so I know what makes an engaging conversation

These are my 6+ conversation starters to have an engaging conversation

Inspired by Joe Ferraro

1/ Ask questions that elicits a story

instead of the usual tell me about your journey

Deep dive and find a piece of content: about a pivot they made, decision they had to take and ask them about that

In your tweet..

Tell me about a pivot you made..

Why did you make this decision..

Short and simple questions

2/ Ask guests short and simple questions:

Why?- Larry King


3/ Some question starters below that you could use: How Who Why, In your tweet- as first question

How did you come up with the idea for..

Who motivated you..

Why did you start podcasting..

Why does this excite you?

4/ Pre Conversation:

Learned these from Alex Neiman:

Question 1: what could you pay more attention to in your life

Question 2: what’s been giving you energy lately

5/ And from Bob DePasquale to use in the conversation and pre conversation itself:

What do you do?

How did your get started in your business?

Tell me about…

How long have you…

6/ To use in the conversation itself:

Tool built by KP

For example:

What habits or rituals help you maintain focus?

What does creative energy feel like to you? What sparks it?

What is the most important life lesson you have learned from an adversity?

7/ Intro’s Simple question, “Do you know anyone else who knows about ____?”

Would you be able to introduce me to..?

That’s it for today

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