Over the last few days I have been learning more about NFT’s, Web3

Roohi Kazi
1 min readJan 3, 2022


Hoping to start an NFT collection/project for my podcast

Would love to collaborate, and talk with people who have done the same

I’ve compiled 3+ resources below



NFT Use cases






NFT Use Cases as shared by DigitalPratik.eth (JorrParivar):

1) Dinner meeting

2) Collaboration, Workshops

3) Conferences

4) Membership portals

5) Dinners

6) Conference

7) Salaries

8) Franchise

9) Monthly/Quarterly calls

10) Podcast Appearances

11) Jam Sessions

How to learn about Web3 as shared by Digital Pratik?

Searched for DeFi, Web3, NFT’s

-> Got in touch with people in the industry
> Always been typing something(Nansen for analysis)
> Google and YouTube for more information
> .eth name follow on Twitter: ens domain name
> use case studies: NFT’s used for x industry( learn gradually)
> web3 university