How to make things happen for yourself as an 18–20 year old 🧵

Roohi Kazi
1 min readMay 28, 2022
  1. Put yourself out there

-> Step out of your comfort zone

-> DM that new follower, try out different things experiment

2. Manifest and Build a Community Rallied around you

-> Build up social capital before manifesting- KP

-> Manifest your dreams, goals, work, projects in public

-> Start sharing what you are working on- make people familiar with your work

-> Give and provide value

-> Be a leader by providing value consistently

3. Network

-> Network with many different people

-> Power of 3’s: Connect with 3 people everyday- Isaac Mashman

4. Leverage Twitter, LinkedIn, Podcasting

-> Leverage many different platforms

-> Work out how the algorithm works and provide value

-> Leverage Twitter and LinkedIn to build thought leadership, connections, following

5. Leverage podcasting

The biggest leverage to build your network is podcasting

With 1 cold DM or email you are able to get into rooms with so many cool and interesting people

6. Focus on improvement

-> Improve yourself bit by bit

7. Block out the distractions- anyone causing drama in your life

The areas where I personally haven’t figured out how to approach yet:

1. Networking

2. Building a community of support

What’s your take anything you would add?