How to Build Your Personal Brand, Network with Influencers Ft. Rayson Choo

Roohi Kazi
2 min readJul 21, 2021

I interviewed Rayson Choo “The Celebrity Whisperer”

Here’s what I learned:

1. How to build a personal brand?

• Today the era of personal branding is to be known in your niche, sub-niche and influence people with your thoughts

• Personal Branding is a requirement for anybody looking to expand their business

2. Key Takeaways on the Branding Segment:

• Be Uniquely You

• Sustained Passion

• Focus on Target Audience

• Sustained Passion

• Consistency

•Know Distinctiveness

•Know Distinctiveness

• Exposure = Impact, and Influence

• Use several marketing channels(experiential marketing, video)

3. How to grow and scale a podcast? Any strategies you can shares?

•Grow Your Audience by being a Leader(Lead by example)

•Join Niche Based Social Media Groups(on WhatsApp, etc)

•Collaboration over competition

•Interview Industry Leaders

4. Any advice for podcasters?

• One podcast, or episode away from meeting, networking, and collaborating with your idols, and your success

• You are You, They are them

5. How to create a network, and collaborate with influencers?

• To create Your Network = Start a Focused Tribe, Create Value by Association, and Opportunity

• To collaborate with influencers = add value, and allow them to see value in the opportunity

6. Rayson’s points on networking:

• Apply and Ask

• Your Applied Network equals Your Net Worth

• To be successful= leverage your network to help you enhance your creativity, success, work ethic

• Treat all your idols as human beings(be real, and true)

7. Best advice for securing media coverage?

• Don’t use media, PR companies to help you get the message out there = Be the best in the market, Figure out Why, Start Sharing Message on Social Media

  • Don’t Know Anyone = Figure out who you want to target, Network with somebody, Add value = share what you find interesting about the post, Resonate and Chat