How to Break into VC

Roohi Kazi
3 min readJan 30, 2023

Adapted from Dive into VC Newsletter Issue #2

  1. As shared by Houman Asefi the above are some points to keep in mind

Houman Asefi @houmanasefi

  1. Get experience in a related field: Many venture capitalists have experience working in finance, investment banking, or entrepreneurship.
  2. Network with people in the industry: Venture capital is a relationship-based industry

3. Consider starting at a smaller firm

You can access the tweet here:

I would add to this start a podcast as a networking vehicle, and leverage it by asking VC’s to come on, build a relationship w/ them, then make the ask

2. Insights shared by Michael Tu a sophomore in college

Advice: not to underestimate the power of social media (tiktok, twitter, etc.)

He’s currently interning at a very small VC firm

And got the job because he kept interacting with the page of the GP/Founder on TikTok, and eventually got on the phone with them

In terms of interaction:

When the GP would post notable deals Michael:

would comment his own opinion

and when the GP explained VC concepts- he would ask more in-depth questions.

Eventually he reached out over email/LinkedIn and got on a call.

Kept up a good relationship and eventually talked about potentially interning for the firm.

You can connect with Michael here:

3. Insights shared by Mitesh Dube

Write good conte

Link here to the tweet:

You can connect with Mitesh here:

4. Insights shared by Sachin Shah: Podcaster at The Sachin and Adam Show, and AirTree VC

Read a really great article by Sachin Shah on how to approach breaking into VC

1. Another point I would add is to start your own Micro or VC Fund

-> And give a chance to others who reach out showing a genuine passion and interest a shot

Link to the article here:

4. My own points

Got a question from Christian Alafaa

About how to break into VC I am also still learning

Think the big few are

  1. Adding value to VC’s: and sending them cold/warm emails with this value

Value such as deal flow, who they can hire, what value you can add

You can read the full thing here:

5. From Pratik Kumar: COO @ Startup College, Ex Intern @ Anthill Ventures

Answer the following questions first before you start your VC search

1)Why VC?

2)Does it get you excited to analyse different companies in different areas of industry?

3) Do you think it excites you to meet new people and perform an analysis over their approach to problem solving. Shall we invest in them or not?

4) Does the business model of the startup seeking investment is even solving a problem or not?

Before breaking in to the industry Pratik suggests to be well versed about VC Terminology, and Basic Knowledge

He has recommended the book: Break into VC by Bradley Miles

Break Into VC Book link here:

During your search:

  1. Find what interests you and based on that reach out to VC’s
  2. Make a list of those VC’s
  3. Try connecting to them on LinkedIn keep the message short and crisp about what you are looking for and how you can add value to the team

→ generally won’t respond over email

You can access the full document here:

You can reach out to Pratik for any questions and clarifications at —