Roohi Kazi
2 min readJul 21, 2021

Here’s what I learned from Ashleigh Warren’s The Weekly Brand Partnership Newsletter:

When reaching out to brands for partnerships?

Ashleigh’s tips for success below:

Importance of a professional media kit or portfolio includes:

All metrics(followers, engagement rate)

Imagery/Links to Great Content that you have produced

Your starting rates for services(influencer, content)

You can create a visually good looking and professional media kit for free using

Have an understanding of what you want from the partnership apart from money(e.g: exposure, networking opportunities, etc)

Any brand partnership is mutual beneficial for all parties(look at creating relatable and creative content to help the brand communicate its value more effectively)

Pitching Advice:

Do research on the brand


Ashleigh’s Easy Pitch Template you can use below:

Hi (Brand Name here),

I love (product name here because #1 and #2) and would be thrilled to share it with my followers.

You can find me @Your Instagram Handle here and on Facebook at (your facebook account url here)

I want to create:

List 3–5 bullet points on the specific content strategy you have in mind for the partnership

Space to list the bullet points here:






Let me know if this interest you.

*Optional line- no stress if this is your first one :).

I have previously worked with (related brand name here) and (brand name here), and we were able to achieve great things together.

I hope we will too!

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Your name here

Some more advice:

Don’t pitch just a single post

Industry Standard is typically $0.01 * number of follower(static image posts)

Try and pitch packages or high priced items(e.g reels, tik toks, igtv)

Pitch the specific value rather than follower count

  • > Such value could include what you can/will add to the brand with content, engagement rate, community, etc

Where to find brand partnership opportunities?

-> For Luxury Skincare, Fitness and Lifestyle Brand partnerships

Disclaimer: All template, and content credits go to Ashleigh Warren: Founder of SaySocial’s- Weekly The Brand Partnership Newsletter. Edited a bit by Roohi Kazi