Here’s 2 tips on how to frame interview questions for podcast episodes ⬇

Roohi Kazi
2 min readAug 11, 2021

Tip #1: Before pitching/inviting a guest try and research a bit about who they are, any potential topics/expertise as this will help to frame interview questions

You can do Guest Background Research:

→ By using Google Search

→ Finding Press and Media Kit of guest

→ Looking at Profile of Guest

→ Using their Personal Website

→ Listening to Past Interviews for question types, topics, and background research

For Types of Questions to ask:

→ You can use suggested Topics on Profile

→ Frame questions based on guest background, bio or expertise
Example below of some types of questions to ask a guest

For Topics:
→ You could use Exploding Topics or any of these listed in the article here

To generate question: using tools/websites like(both paid and free options below):








Access the How to Article on using Keyword Magic for generating questions here:

Tip #2: Create a couple of questions from these tools that you could potentially use in the interview or topics to pitch to the guest
Or ask your audience for any questions they have for the guest and shout them out, mention them in a tweet, instagram post wherever that question appears in the content repurposing stage

Another Bonus Tip:

You can search for the guest name on Instagram

→ From there you can find their email, call or text number to use for outreach

→ You can also scroll through their feed and find some potential topics to discuss when pitching to guests