Digital Presence: Website Design

Roohi Kazi
3 min readAug 15, 2019

Within Digital Marketing there are two important sub topics Digital Presence and Digital Platforms each of which make up 50% of overall Digital Marketing efforts. Digital Presence is basically using platforms available like social media platforms, youtube, website to build brand awareness, following for your business etc.

Within Digital Presence the first thing I would like to discuss is the Website and how it plays a huge role in turning site viewers into customers of your business. Just a bit of context having a website means that you have to have a registered domain name(site name) and purchase or use some sort of hosting space.

However, just having a domain name with hosting space is not good enough, there also has to be shareable and relevant content. Everything on the website has to help and educate the buyer about your business whether it be the services, products, mission, how the business started etc. You can’t just have a brand people have to be able to put a face to the brand hence why creating a team page is extremely important.

Website Design/Formatting

The Websites that are able to drive and retain the most traffic are those that are simple and clean. Take for example, Digital Marketing Expert Neil Patel’s site where only a few simple colors of orange, white and black are used. By using only a few colors it leads to a more simple and clean sit, there is no color overload. So this color scheme add’s value to the user because the interface is easy and clean resulting in an aesthetically pleasing website.

Website Design Example

Pages: If you are running a business you can’t just have one page on the site

- Depending on the type of business you are running you will need multiple pages

- Solid Navigation should be present on all pages of the website. Before creating pages of the websites, it is important I think to draw it out on a piece of paper that you know these are a few of the big pages I want for my website and then frame subpages around this. The above is extremely important in helping the buyers or users journey. If your page is not set up logically or things are placed randomly here and there people will just quickly leave the site and this will increase your bounce rate.

Bounce rate in take for example school context is when classroom is disorganized- chairs and desks are scattered all over the floor. As a student you see this disorganized classroom and say to yourself either, let me wait for all this to be cleaned or you will leave. In the internet the exact same thing happens except nobody waits for the website to be cleaned and made simple they just leave the site the moment they see that the information is not presented in an accessible and simple way.

Take for example you are running an Eccomerce Website selling Health Products — a simple roadmap that you could create for your website would be something along these lines. Most important thing is to frame and design the website with double functionality such that elements on desktop website and mobile are the same.

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