Cold Emailing Crash Course 🧵

Roohi Kazi
2 min readMay 28, 2022

How to execute on cold email opportunities

I breakdown 2+ cold email templates and how you can use them to secure guests for your podcast 🧵

  1. Why cold emails are crucial:

Cold Emails are crucial because they allow you to reach out to your idols, dream podcast guests

-> Personalized and Longer than a DM

Cold emailing has the power to connect you to your idols, strangers, anyone

Follow up is very crucial:

Either every month

Or make it a habit every 7 days

Or every 2, and 7 days

  1. Benefits of cold emailing and Power of Twitter:

Cold Emailing can help you reach out to your idols, etc

Twitter can help you make intros to guests

-> By publishing a dream guest list every month or so(Tweet your guest list into existence)

-> You can also Cold DM, invite on Twitter

  1. Where to find the email addresses of your idols, and how:

Using RocketReach(Free plan)
Instagram: see all the options to contact(on Mobile)
Using plan)
Search on internet

Verify by seeing if a profile photo shows up in gmail bar

  1. How to learn Cold Emailing:

Learn and reference from those who have already sent cold emails.

Those are your best teachers in how to cold email:

Some tips:

Write an attention grabbing headline
Structure the email
Write the ask

In this article I will be breaking down some cold emails I have sent and others I found

To share what worked:

Here’s a simple framework you can use for your first email:

A: Attention, Curiosity driven subject line

Podcast Invitation for [Guest Name here] on [your podcast name here]

Podcast Invitation for [Guest Name here]

Podcast Invitation

[Interview Request] Can we talk about..?

B: Exchange pleasantries(Good Morning, Evening)

A: Ask(Dive into the ask)

-> Clear and Researched ask
-> How much time
-> What format: audio/video

C: Checking

-> Check if your podcasts exists, and ask them if it would be a good fit

H: Helpful

-> Ask them if they need any additional information

E: End

With Take care and stay safe, Have an awesome day ahead

N: Your name

Best or Cheers,

[Your name here]