Building Business Podcast by Roohi + New Experiments

Roohi Kazi
2 min readAug 4, 2023

Building Business Podcast by Roohi for the past 3+ years

-> Has been a labor of love and passion

Here are some lessons, things I wish I had known earlier:

Sponsors are something new I tried

For my first official sponsor which was Harish Garg

-> I put out a bat signal on Twitter that I was looking for sponsors

And he reached out to sponsor 2 episodes of the podcast

My dream sponsor was KP of the Build In Public fellowship

And he reached out after seeing the episode trailer/ thumbnail w/ Kamal Ravikant of Evolve VC

To sponsor the episode with Kamal

On Sponsors + My Thesis

  1. Getting sponsors is hard- you have to work for every sponsor

-> Just like every listener

  1. Some days you will not get any interest for sponsors

Keep at it

Someone will take a chance on you someday

  1. Choose sponsors that align with you

Distilled into a couple of points finding sponsors, and working with sponsors

  1. Add in your flavor: if you know the person, or brand well enough
  2. Take feedback seriously and iterate
  3. Ask for feedback
  4. Record multiple takes
  5. My Thesis: Brand Capital + Social Capital + Familiarity with you and your podcast are needed to secure sponsors

2. Dedicated Pod Community experiment

After seeing KP’s post trying out a new Slack experiment

I got inspired and created my own community on WhatsApp

For listeners, and supporters of my podcast

To stay updated, recommend new guests

Currently, the group has a few people that are active

3. Speaking in communities + Visibility

I have gotten opportunities over the past year to speak in communities

First- Fueler(I held an exclusive session for them on cold emailing, and securing your dream podcast guest)

And secondly- for MarkItUp(One of the largest communities in India for freelancers and creators created by Ishan Sharma a YouTuber)

The people who tuned in for these events- were eager to learn and I shared my playbooks, and frameworks I had learned with them

Getting visibility and such for my podcast

4. Support and Podcast PMF

Finding podcast PMF happened from getting love and support from the audience

To accelerate this:

  1. Join communities
  2. Share about your podcast online

And that’s it for today

Hope you enjoyed this!