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t’s a podcast dashboard organization system, so you will never get overwhelmed with your podcast efforts.

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Would appreciate the support! -Roohi

Tip #1: Before pitching/inviting a guest try and research a bit about who they are, any potential topics/expertise as this will help to frame interview questions

You can do Guest Background Research:

→ By using Google Search

→ Finding Press and Media Kit of guest

→ Looking at Profile of Guest

→ Using their Personal Website

→ Listening to Past Interviews for question types, topics, and background research

For Types of Questions to ask:

→ You can use suggested Topics on Profile

→ Frame questions based on guest background, bio or expertise
Example below of some types of questions to ask…

Here’s what I learned from Ashleigh Warren’s The Weekly Brand Partnership Newsletter:

When reaching out to brands for partnerships?

Ashleigh’s tips for success below:

Importance of a professional media kit or portfolio includes:

All metrics(followers, engagement rate)

Imagery/Links to Great Content that you have produced

Your starting rates for services(influencer, content)

You can create a visually good looking and professional media kit for free using https://www.mediakits.com/

Have an understanding of what you want from the partnership apart from money(e.g: exposure, networking opportunities, etc)

Any brand partnership is mutual beneficial for all parties(look at creating relatable and creative content to help…

I interviewed Rayson Choo “The Celebrity Whisperer”

Here’s what I learned:

1. How to build a personal brand?

• Today the era of personal branding is to be known in your niche, sub-niche and influence people with your thoughts

• Personal Branding is a requirement for anybody looking to expand their business

2. Key Takeaways on the Branding Segment:

• Be Uniquely You

• Sustained Passion

• Focus on Target Audience

• Sustained Passion

• Consistency

•Know Distinctiveness

•Know Distinctiveness

• Exposure = Impact, and Influence

• Use several marketing channels(experiential marketing, video)

3. How to grow and scale a…

Part 1:After posting an Instagram story recapping the episode recording I had with Josh Elledge I got a very good question from @intellectual_guy34 (Vikas) on How do these influencers/experts, agree to come up to your podcast?

Below I have summarized the discussion with Vikas and the exact template that I use, and how to implement this template as part of your podcast guest outreach strategy.

Does one week feel too long! The wait is over!

Would you like to learn how to make money from your audience, and lead generation tactics, etc? then this episode is for you.

This is not a scam, spammy promotion, or quick way to earn money post.

In How to earn $500 per month from Telegram ft Umer Qureshi you will learn actionable strategies from Umer Qureshi a 16-year-old Affiliate Marketer, Founder of GuideBlogging.com a website that helps new bloggers navigate the blogging space and Entrepreneur who achieved results in 1.6 years.

Umer shares his:

☑️ Best Paid and Free…

Within Digital Marketing there are two important sub topics Digital Presence and Digital Platforms each of which make up 50% of overall Digital Marketing efforts. Digital Presence is basically using platforms available like social media platforms, youtube, website to build brand awareness, following for your business etc.

Within Digital Presence the first thing I would like to discuss is the Website and how it plays a huge role in turning site viewers into customers of your business. …

Roohi Kazi

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